Dino Game

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An infinite run game called Dino Game was first included in Google Chrome. Every month, there has more than 270 million people play this dinosaur game.

The fact that this game can be played without an internet connection. The Chrome browser's version is an endless runner game. A cute T-Rex dinosaur as the story's primary character, is running through an desert. dodge cactus and pterodactyls is the game's goal. Despite the fact that the game starts off very simple, it quickly becomes challenging because as you go, the game's tempo will steadily increase.

How to play

  • Depending on whether you're playing on a computer or a smartphone, you can press the spacebar on your keyboard start the game.
  • Start the dinosaur game with the spacebar or up key.
  • To increase the dinosaur's leap, hold down the or SPACEBAR key.
  • To pause the game, press the ALT or F11 key.
  • The game will end instantly if the T-Rex bumps into a cactus or another obstruction. If this occurs, restart by tapping T-Rex while pressing the spacebar or the key on your computer.