Crossword Online: Word Cup

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Welcome to this brand-new crossword game called Crossword Online: Word Cup. Even the most experienced players have struggle with the crossword in this game.

The game is an entertaining and instructive online crossword puzzle that will help you improve your spelling. You must outperform your rivals by accurately resolving every word issue in order to win the tournament. Players may stretch their cognitive abilities and progress through the game's many difficult levels by stringing together similar words in chains. Playing this game enhances everyone's focus, memory, and vocabulary. Even the most normal individual can easily go nuts solving letter-only crosswords. If you get stuck on a crossword puzzle and are unable to determine which letter should be used in its place, hints are provided at the conclusion of each level. Would you be up to the task of resolving this complex level?

How to play

You may use a suggestion that highlights the first letters of the words in order to construct words out of the provided letters. By dragging the letters that make up a word across the screen, you may choose a word to spell. Release your hold on the keyboard when you've written the desired quantity of words. The word will show up there if it matches the puzzle. You will get new knowledge each time you repeat the same sentence five times. If you can crack the code, you will obtain a crossword clue. And click the arrows, you may change the letter order.