Crossword Connect

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Crossword Connect is a puzzle game that connects letters. Find bonus words to increase your score, and utilize the tips if you run into trouble.

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Complete many levels

Make connections between the letters in the circle to play Crossword Connect. Four letters are placed in the circle to begin the game. You will receive extra points if you locate terms that aren't mentioned in the crossword. You will get brilliant points for each level of Crossword Connect that you successfully finish. After a few rounds, you'll get a chest full of coins. When you encounter difficulties, you may use your coins to buy tips by clicking the light to the right. The game is enjoyable for a range of players due to its fluid advancement and serene tone. The degree of difficulty in the game rises as more letters and challenging words are introduced later in the game.

Connect the letters

You must drag the mouse to connect the letters. You have to create the words with 3 letters or more. Of course, all these words have to be valid. You can connect letters in a circle, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Just create meaningful words, you can connect any line. Finishing a certain level, you can get an incredible reward.

Immerse yourself in beautiful landscape

In each level, you will see a lot of different backgrounds. If the usual word guessing games will only have a background throughout the game like Word Cookies Online - Farm Life, Wordle, Diagonal Sudoku, Klondike Solitaire, etc. Now, the background of each level will be changed with poetic scenes. You can enjoy the view of the forest, mountains, sea, etc. These dreamy scenes will help you relax more. In addition, weather effects like rain also make this game special. Along with melodious music, this game is a game suitable for entertainment.

Crossword Connect Game Advice

Save your cash early on in the game and only utilize the suggestions when necessary. You'll have lots of cash for hints when the game becomes harder if you do this! Review your bonus words after rearranging the letters using the buttons on the left side of the screen.

After you complete some words on the grid. You can know the beginning or ending letter of some hidden word. From that, you can limit the word guessing range. Then, you can have the answer more quickly.

You can change the order of letters in the circle. This action is unlimited. You can reorder the letters to be convenient for you to guess words.

If the letters of one level are too difficult to create new words, you can reset that level. Just pressing on the reset button which is under the hint button. You should remember that all the guessing words have 3 letters or more.

What advantages do you get from playing this game

This game can bring a relaxing time to you with beautiful graphics and impressive gameplay. There are no violent pictures, so children can enjoy this game. They can enjoy this game after their lesson. This game has no limited time, so you don't get too stressed. Just think carefully to make the suitable word.

When playing word games, you also can expand your vocabulary. You have to have a deep vocabulary range to guess the words. There are some words you don't know. You can search for them in the online dictionary. From that, you can remember and know more words. If you are confident with your knowledge, you can test it through this game.

Related information

  • Crossword Connect was developed by playh5.
  • This game is created with HTML5 technology, so any smart devices also can access this game. You can try this game on our website without downloading it.
  • This game offers full-screen mode. You can have a better experience when you enjoy the game in this mode. In this game, you also can turn on or off the music game and effect sound. However, I recommend you should play games with the music because you can enjoy the relaxing feeling from music and pictures.
  • You can play this game with your friends or challenge them. Let's see who will reach the higher level in this fun game.
  • The game has many levels for you to play. The higher levels will bring many challenges to you. Can you conquer this game? If you like this game, you can share it with your family or friends. Then, you will have fun together. Hope you will have a great time with this puzzle game.

Simple control: You just need to drag the mouse to connect the letters.

How many levels can you pass in this challenging game? Can you conquer all levels of this game? We are awaiting your response. Good luck!