Crossword Casual

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Details about Crossword Casual

You are tasked with completing traditional blanks in the entertaining Crossword Casual crossword game. You can play with four different themes. You have many options in this game, including household objects, food, buildings and cities. Pick a topic you're more knowledgeable about, then start the challenge.

Features of Crossword Casual

You can discover all the clues of the words you're looking for in the right-hand corner of the screen, with horizontal words at the top and vertical words at the bottom. Try entering all the words you know first, then the words you don't know that appear will be entered into the grid, and it will be easier for you to guess. Can you complete the crossword puzzle from start to finish?

Each topic will have corresponding questions and there is no limit to the number of horizontal or vertical questions. At the same time, the watch will time when you start. The total time to complete will be your achievement. So you don't have to worry about time restricting you, keep calm, enjoy this game.