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Use your intellect in the Connector to figure out the best align or connect method to transfer energy from the battery to the lightbulb by all the way.

As the game starts there will be plenty of wires square shapes that you can move to find the correct path for the energy to reach the light bulb. The wires are aline to trick you in some level will be harder and some easier it depends on your way or point of view! So start to have fun in this new puzzle game check the playboard always to determine the exact location of the light bulb and the battery, and try to visualize the correct path to connect them together. Solve the puzzle in each level in the fastest time to receive extra points, you will see the more you play the harder it gets. Have fun in this brain game with simple controls on all devices, tablets, iPhones, and browsers here on our website.

How to play

Use the mouse to move around the game interface while playing this entertaining puzzle game. Just press the square you wish to move or change the placement of on a mobile device.