Brain Master

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Introduction to Brain Master

In Brain Master, test the limits of your intelligence! Be ready for a number of questions that can all be answered in a variety of ways. Let's take this game and see how far you can get.

You will be given several questions to answer in this game using unique methods. Your initial thinking is often not the best solution to the answer, in this game you will need to find a unique solution to each question.

How to play Brain Master

Anything can point you in the direction of the right answer, so pay attention to the question, its image, and even its typography. If you have trouble finding a solution, you can watch an ad to get a hint to skip the level or get a tip by clicking on the bulb description. Now, do your best to complete this exciting quest!

Sometimes some questions are easy, but when you get used to the unusual answers, you can be fooled. Be very alert and detailed of the question.