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In the word-building puzzle game Bookworm, you tie together letter fragments to form words. Your results will improve as the word length increases. You'll have time to consider your next move because the game is turn-based. This puzzle is a fantastic way to pass the time if you enjoy word games.

Be on the lookout for the Green, Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire Reward Tiles since they have the power to significantly increase your score. Want to increase your income? Make an effort to spell the Bonus Word or perhaps several Bonus Words!

When you spell too many short words, Burning Tiles will appear; beware of them. They will melt the tile underneath and fall if you don't use them right away. It's game over when a Burning Tile sinks to the bottom!

Play in Classic Mode for a more leisurely experience, or switch to Action Mode to up the ante and where Burning Tiles appear more often. They won't wait for you to do the next action in Action Mode, so get rid of them right away!

How to play

Use the mouse to play this game.