Block Wood Puzzle

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About Block Wood Puzzle

In the enjoyable strategic game Wood Blocks Puzzle, you must arrange variously shaped wooden blocks in a space 10x10. To get rid of the blocks and make room for new ones, fill up the entire rows and columns.

How to play Block Wood Puzzle

In this puzzle game, each turn will provide you three wooden blocks. They may be taken out of the tray and put on the board. The blocks come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be in anywhere from 1 to 9 squares. Make an effort to arrange them in the area so that they create entire rows and columns.

When more blocks are added to the board, it will become more difficult to add new ones. This issue can be resolved by building entire rows and columns, frees up more room for new blocks by removing horizontal or vertical lines of ten from the board. You will score more points if you simultaneously clear many lines.