Basket Random

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Press the PLAY button now to participate in a two-player game on our Wordle website! Coming to this arcade game, you have an opportunity to join the basketball matches while controlling your character.

Everyday, this game now attracts thousands of people around the world. It is considered an icon in the world of sports games. Why is this game so appealing to so many players? You can have the answer immediately if you play this entertaining game once. Thanks to the exciting gameplay, unique graphics, and simple controls, this game has always been popular among online game lovers.

What Is Basket Random

Basket Random is a two-player random physics arcade game. Jump across the basketball court while battling for the ball. You draw nearer with each dunk!

You love basketball, but the lockdown prevents you from playing outdoors with your pals. Is that accurate? Don't worry! Click to start the game. You'll undoubtedly smile when you accomplish your goals with it.

This game is designed to give you the most enjoyable experience with basketball. It facilitates you to play basketball while you don't have the conditions to play in reality. It is a boon for basketball lovers. In particular, you don't always have opponents to play together in actual basketball games. However, this basketball game will always guarantee an opponent for you.

Now, let's start playing the Basket Random game and enjoy your free time with basketball!

How To Play This Sports Game

Your aim in this game is to battle and score as many field goals as you can in order to defeat the other squad. A basketball contest is played between two teams, each with two players. Each team member is assigned a certain function, such as defender or dunker.

Control your character wisely to win the matches. There are two characters in this game: defender or dunker.


He stands in the middle of the court as the dunker. He is in charge of handling and kicking the ball. In order to take the ball from your opponent's courtside throughout the course of the game, you must maintain control of the dunker while they go in that direction. Take control of the dunker whenever he receives the ball so that he may toss the ball into the goal and score by leaping into the air. To earn a high score, try your hardest to execute fantastic slam dunks.


For your safety, he is seated behind the dunker. He needs to stop his rival's offense from making baskets. Command the defenders to jump or lie down whenever your opponent tries to toss the ball into the hoop to prevent him from converting. Stickmen are exceedingly hard to command because of their erratic conduct and lack of control. You must thus be able to manage them with swift motions and reactions. If you successfully toss the ball into the goal, you will receive one point. The winning squad is the first to score five goals.

Controlling two characters at the same time is a difficult thing. However, it creates fun for players every time they join this game. In particular, these two characters cannot move in a normal way. They usually only move by jumping and moving forward or backward. It is a challenge to control the character according to your wishes. Practice and improve your control! When you have high skill, your score will also easily get higher.

2 Playable Modes

The Basket Random game offers you 2 modes available: 1 Player and 2 Players. These two modes will be familiar if you often participate in online games. However, there will be innovations if you play this game. Let's learn about it together!


In 1P mode, your opponent is CPU, AI opponents. These opponents often have similar fighting styles. Therefore, you can get a lot of experience while playing.

In order to gain victory in this mode, you need to control 2 of your characters to win more points in 5 basketball matches. These basketball matches will take place in many different courts with different conditions. For example, you can play at a snow playground, gymnasium, or business playground. In particular, additional conditions such as long arm, double points, short hoop, or heavy ball are also added to this basket game. These conditions add to the fun of the game.

Controls: Press the UP ARROW key to control your character.


The 2P mode will bring innovation to the opponent. Instead of competing against AI enemies, in this mode, you can play with your friends on the same device. You and your friend will control 2 characters to get more points in 5 basketball matches and win. Basketball game conditions such as snow, ball, or hoop are available in the 2P mode as the previous mode.


  • Player 1: Use the W key to play.
  • Player 2: Use the UP ARROW key to play.