Ball Rush

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A fun game for you

Online games always appear with many different themes and characters. The Ball Rush game requires you to control a ball and overcome many sharp spikes on the road. The road is too narrow and you can only move the ball to the left or right. Moreover, the spikes also appear continuously. There is no time to make a careful strategy. Each time you pass a spike, you will get one point. Then, let's use them to buy new roads and balls. Don't forget to follow your stats when playing this game. Can you bring a surprise to this game? We are waiting for your answer.

Introduce the game

Ball Rush allows you to roll through an endless obstacle course! Follow these two simple instructions to control the ball, dodge the spikes, and get points! Explore this futuristic neon labyrinth, make it better by gaining access to additional tracks, and give your ball some personality by personalizing it! Gain quick reflexes and become used to the fast speed while admiring magnificent views!

Roll a ball

This cute aptitude test will depend on you! It doesn't get much easier than this, so get your fingers ready and forget about your concerns. Think about trying to warm up before missions. The controls are simple to use, just click or touch the screen to switch lanes as the ball accelerates. Your ball has the potential to transform into neon fairy dust if you do not properly plan your movements to avoid the approaching dangers. Don't let your initial, quick failures discourage you. You can achieve success with time and effort. You'll notice your score going up if you keep playing. It is necessary to gather the course's sparkling bubbles. Use these bubbles at the game store to buy new balls. Accomplishments can be used to unlock new routes and see how the game changes. Keep an eye on your growth to see how your skills improve! This game can bring you much fun, so don't play alone. You can introduce this game to your friends. Then, you and your friends can have a small competition. Show off your skill by getting the highest.

What you should know about Ball Rush

To play this game, you have to have a great dexterity and vision to successfully avoid the coming obstacles. Let's ensure the safety of the ball on the road. The ball will move at the max speed, so you don't have much time to think carefully. How far can you control the ball?

When playing this game, you can get points as a daily counter reward. The farther the ball moves, the higher the score you get. You can use these points to upgrade the road and spheres. Besides, you also can get new balls with points but there are some balls that can only be unlocked after reaching certain levels. There are some kinds of balls which are Rare, Epic, Normal and Secret balls. How many balls can you experience?

This game was created with HTML5 technology, so it isn't necessary to install this game. You just need a device connected with the Internet. Then, you are able to play this game on our website online.

Ball Rush isn't the only fun game on our website. If you want to experience different kinds of games, don't move to another site. There are many options like Word Detector, Wordle, Graffiti Time, Merge Blast, etc for you.

What benefits Ball Rush can bring to you

The first advantage of a game is entertaining. The max speed with the neon road can help you unwind. When playing this game, you only think and concentrate on how to avoid the spikes on the road. At that time, you will forget work or daily life stress. Even if you are too bored in your spare time, this game is a great time killer. You can spend a day experiencing this endless game. Children can play this game after the lesson. It will be more fun when playing with your friends.

The second one, this game will contribute to your quick reflexes. The ball will move very quickly, so you have to navigate it as fast as possible to dodge all the deadly spikes along the road. From that, you can train your control skill and your finger's flexibility. With these benefits, you should try this game now. If you don't like speed games, some puzzle games like ... are for you. If you love these games, sharing them with your friends is better.

How to control

  • On desktop: Press the left or right arrow keys to make the ball change position.
  • On mobile: Tap the left or right side of the road to make the ball change position.