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Backgammon is an intriguing game, a dice-and-tokens strategy board game that has been enjoyed by players all over the world for a very long time.

The origins of this straightforward yet ingenious turn-based game date back over 5,000 years. You may play it on fancy looking boxes that open in the middle to create the playing surface, form the board you play on. Play challenging games against the CPU, choosing the level of difficulty that best suits your skill level, the number of points awarded for each game, and the color of your tokens.

This game has easy-to-understand rules. Every game consists of one player vs another, with each starting at a different end of the board. The bottom right, where your opponent would start, is where you want to acquire all of your checkers. A game is won by the first person to remove all of the tiles. Depending on the results of your two dice throws each turn, you may be able to relocate some of your tokens. One die is used to move one of your tokens, while the other die may be used to move either the same token or a different token.

If you struggled to comprehend this rule, don't worry; the simple rules of this timeless game will help you learn quickly after only a few plays. So don't delay; start playing now! Simply roll the dice, move your tokens, and don't leave them exposed or your adversary will seize them.

How to play

Play this game with your mouse.