Avatar Game

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Avatar movie fans will be surprised to learn that a game called Avatar Game. A game that accelerates running and overcoming obstacles but the character inspired by the latest Avatar: The Way Of Water movie will make everyone enjoy.

In the running adventure game Avatar, you command your avatar to overcome all dangerous barriers and reach the legendary Na'vi and Pandora. This online game is an example of the running and adventure genre. It intends to give players exciting excursions similar to Jake Sully's actual discoveries in the kingdom of Na'vi.

How to play

Your goal is to maneuver your character through dangerous objects like spikes and walls. Run to the destination to complete a level of the Avatar game. There are two characters, so you may experience two distinct movements. With the robot, you can sprint up hills, and with the spacecraft, you can soar over obstacles. The character movement will, however, vary slightly depending on the level.


  • Click the left mouse button to jump for Robot Character.
  • Click the left mouse button to fly up and release it to fly down for Ship Character.