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Some things about ArmedForces.io


In ArmedForces.io, arm yourself with weapons and get ready to fight! Since you are on the battlefield, your only option is to shoot everyone in your vicinity.

Are you ready to meet the requirements of military service? You will become a real warrior in this game. You will participate in an extremely dramatic battle with a series of dangerous missions. These missions require you to have a spirit of steel and courage. You can die at any time because a lot of enemies want to take your life. They are scary and dangerous. In addition, they possess many different types of weapons. Destroy them before they do.

You may play a shooting game right now with amazingly realistic 3D graphics. With the first-person shooter perspective, you may completely submerge yourself in the world of this thrilling action. You will definitely immerse in this game, which makes you cannot stop playing. Top-notch shooting scenes with dangerous chases. Can you be safe?

How to complete all tasks

You will participate in a tough battle in which you have to face countless enemies alone. You will be taken to a fierce battlefield where you must fight hard to protect your life. If you cannot complete the mission, and kill all the enemies, the dead will be you. There is no other option than to defeat them. Will this be your hardest challenge?

You must first and foremost protect yourself against deadly enemies with the use of weapons. You will be able to use better weapons later if you get as many gold coins as possible. As a result, you can use them to upgrade or purchase the most cutting-edge guns. You also remember that your rivals also own strong weapons. You must shoot them down and avoid your bullets and attack. In addition, let's try to aim exactly so as not to waste ammunition. Have fun. If you are keen on other exciting games, you can join Wordle, and Hangman.

You may play offline games or multiplayer online games. Both of them are attractive and entertaining. You can select one of them before starting the game. Let's see whether you can triumph in this game and get hero status!

How to control

WASD or arrow keys to move.

The left mouse clicks to fire.

The right mouse clicks to aim.

The spacebar slides while moving.

The left shift to run.

1, 2, 3 to change weapons.

E or F to interact/pick up weapons.

G to throw available dynamite.

H to use an available medkit.

T to chat.

L to toggle cursor lock.

C to crouch.

Hold N to show the scoreboard.

Escape pausing.

Some features of ArmedForces.io

Playing an online game or an offline game

In the game, you can play the game online or offline. When you play the game online, you can compete with other people in the wide world. You can chat with them or play the game together as teammates. As a result, you can make a lot of friends. Try your best to become the winner of the game.

In addition, when you play the game offline. You have to fight against other enemies who are controlled by the computer. They are extremely strong and hazardous. You must take caution to defeat them.

Various game modes are available

There are six main sorts of modes in this game. Try out the team deathmatch, bomb defusing, gun game, capture the flag, and all play options. Each game will offer a lot of different missions. You can play all game modes first. And then, you can determine the most exciting game mode that is suitable for you. You also do not meet any requirements before choosing them. Let's join the game and select game mode freely.

Customize your character

  • The gun: You can purchase other guns to get the victory. Some outstanding guns are MP5, Micro Mac-10, AKM, etc. The new guns have some great features, such as damage, fire rate, accuracy, range, ammunition capacity, and gun weight. Select the best gun to conquer the fierce match.
  • Combat knives and frag grenades: Besides guns, you can use the knife and grenades to destroy your opponents. When you use grenades, they can help you to clean up many enemies at the same time. The knife is the best weapon if the distance between you and your rivals is short. The rate of success and defeating the opponent is very high.
  • Syringe: you can boost the syringes to become stronger. You can recover after being shot. So, you do not miss this item if you want to become the champion. However, you also remember that the syringe cannot be used for a long time. You must be careful when using them.