Apple Worm

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About Apple Worm

If you are a fan of simple yet addictive educational puzzle games, Apple Worm is exactly the game for you. Collect apples and train your logical thinking by solving tricky puzzles in this apple worm game.

Assist the worm in Apple Worm

Welcome to Apple Worm which is a brain-teaser puzzle game. Eat the apples to raise the length and get to the portal without falling off the platform. In this game, you will assist a worm in reaching the portal safely. However, its size is very short, so it cannot overcome between platforms or climb on high walls. Control the worm to eat the apple to lengthen its size. After the worm consumes the apple, you can guide it to get to the portal. If you are crazy about puzzle games like this, you may like Wordle, 4 Images 1 Word, Kitty Scramble Stack Word, and Mahjongg Dimensions 3D.

How to control

Use WASD keys or arrow keys to move your worm.

Solve all puzzles in Apple Worm

In this cute brain game with fun mechanics, you need to help the worm collect apples and reach the black hole to escape the level. To do this, you need to steer the worm through a maze to find a bright, ripe red apple. However, be careful because the puzzles in the game are not as simple as you see. They are full of hidden pitfalls. You need to calculate the correct step to eat the apple, avoid dangerous traps and reach the place with the exit hole.

Challenge yourself with hard levels in Apple Worm

This game requests you to complete 30 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. You can fail many times, but don't give up. Failure is the mother of success. Click the Play Again button and try it again. In each level, in order to guide your worm, pressing the arrow keys will control the corresponding direction. One thing you need to remember is that worms can't go backward but can only move forward. After eating the apple, the worm's body will be 1 inch longer. The pitfalls the worm faces such as getting its head stuck in a dead-end, narrow that it can't turn around, or going through a large gap causing it to fall... Can you help it avoid these difficulties and touch the portal in time as soon as possible? I believe you can beat all levels in the game soon. If you like this game, why don't you try playing Octordle, Super Mario Bros, and Wordle on our website?

Some tips for you to victory in Apple Worm

  • Estimate the length and gaps of your worm to the platforms. You can get over them if the length of your worm is longer than the gap.
  • The worm's body can wiggle and bend in a variety of directions. It cannot, however, move backward.
  • You will have a better gaming experience if you play in full-screen mode.
  • To reach the black vortex, you must eat apples to lengthen your body.
  • Even while playing the game, the replay, game music, and sound effects buttons are visible on the screen.

Some fascinating features of Apple Worm

Be creative in finding solutions to every level, and develop planning and logic skills. Apple Worm is an addictive game that is easy to play and gives a lot of fun! Besides, the game offers impressive functions to help players stay inspired to play this game.

The leaderboard of Apple Worm

When playing a game, anyone is interested in putting their name in the list of top excellent players. To meet this need of players, Apple Worm also provides a leaderboard for this game's players. Especially, the ranking of this game is different from other games. You will have the opportunity to put your name on this board for each level. At each level, your achievements will be considered by the steps and time you spend to overcome all the challenges. It means if you do not have a good performance at this level. you will still have a chance to see your name in the ranking at other levels. Besides, this game is the same as many other games that have the leaderboard in day, week, month, and all time.

Time and reload in Apple Worm

Sometimes, you might get difficulties in the game. However, don't worry! You can reload and start that level again. You will not be limited in the times to play again as long as you can pass the obstacles and move on to other levels. Moreover, each time you reload the game, the time will also be reloaded, and will not affect your achievements. However, you should not waste steps too much because it can affect your achievements in the game, especially your rank in the leaderboard.