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About 2048

Welcome to 2048 which is an endless puzzle game featuring addictive gameplay. Slide the tiles to merge two identical ones to gain the highest score.

Many puzzle games are on the top favorite list of many players worldwide. If you love puzzle games, 2048 is a familiar title for you. This game is designed with extremely minimalist graphics, but the gameplay is very attractive. A lot of players can spend time enjoying this game. You are in your leisure time, you want to play and train your brain at the same time. 2048 is what you need. Simple rules can make you fall in love with this game.

What is 2048?

2048 is another famous puzzle game in recent times on our website. It was developed by Gabriele Cirulli. In this game, you have to slide the tiles to combine them together and make a big number of 2048. After that, the players can still continue playing this game to create bigger numbers. It sounds simple. However, the game will be extremely difficult as the numbers keep increasing. This is not just a game to entertain or kill time, you can exercise your mind with numbers. This game will help you become more sensitive to numbers. This game is not only for adults, it is also suitable for children.

Simple rules for everyone

When you come to this game, you can see a grid with many tiles which are numbered. Just slide blocks on the board to combine two tiles with the same number. After two tiles are merged, a new tile with a higher number will be created and you will get many points. After sliding the tile, new tiles with different values will appear randomly on the grid. The tiles can slide according to your redirection. However, they can move out of the grid. When two tiles with the same numbers collide together, they will merge into one tile with their total value. On the contrary, the different tiles can't merge together. When the grid has no space, the game will be over. Try to combine as many tiles as possible to create the blocks with the highest number and get the highest possible score.

Find out about game modes in 2048

This game offers three game modes including Standard, Big, and Bigger.

The Standard mode

This mode has a 4x4 grid. This is the most simple mode in this game. If you are a beginner, I think you should try this mode first. Many tiles with a lot of different numbers can cause much trouble for you.

The Big mode

You can see a 5x5 grid in this mode. After you can conquer the Standard mode, you are able to move to this mode.

The Bigger mode

This mode features a 6x6 grid. It is the most difficult mode and only for pro players. You have to tackle more issues when there are more tiles. If you can complete this mode, don't forget to share it with your friends.

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Playing this game you will find

  • This game has simple graphics, so the weak devices also can access this fun game. You can challenge your friend to see who you get 2048 first. You will have fun together.
  • This game is designed with an advanced algorithm. You have to merge many of the same tiles together to get a new higher number. Of course, the spaces for tiles are limited. Therefore, you always keep the room for new tiles. Otherwise, the game will end.
  • The game only is easy at the beginning when there are low-value tiles. Then, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually. 2048 isn't the highest value in this game. You can play with higher numbers.
  • 2048 is available on our website and can be played on almost all devices like computer, mobile, tablet, etc.
  • You are able to follow your score on the top of the screen. Try your best to get the highest score in each mode.
  • Simple control: use the mouse to play this game.

How to beat 2048

Understand how the tiles moves

There are four main directions which are up, down, left and right. Each time you slide the tiles, they will move in that position as far as possible.

Think carefully

This game is unlimited, so you can look at the numbers and guess the coming situation. You should know all the situations after you slide the tiles.

Merge as many tiles as possible in one move

When you can clear many tiles, the new tiles will have more spaces to appear.